Brendon White  

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Location: Johannesburg
Brendon White
Brendon started his professional career on the cabaret circuit with the stage show "American Dream" at Club 58 in Hillbrow. He has performed in various shows and with bands & did the pub and club circuit. He did a show for Peter Taylor called "Feeling Groovy" at the Barnyard in Pretoria and then joined Marshall Harmse (guitarist)and they performed in pubs and clubs all over Johannesburg for over a year and a half. Brendon then put a 3-piece band together called "Fairground"; they were very successful and were invited to the Middle East on a 3 month contract. He returned to stage shows and did back to back shows at The Carousel in the Chianne Saloon called "Let the Good Times Roll" and "Let's Party". The shows were very successful. In 2005 Brendon dediced to go solo as a one-man band and I hasn't looked back! He works the circuit 5 nights a week performing in casinos, pubs, at weddings, private and corporate functions and he has been back overseas to perform in Dubai. In 2008 Marshall Harmse and Brendon entered a competition called Sounds of the Human World held in Malaysia where 90 contestants worldwide competed. Brendon and Marshall won for best song and best vocalist overall. Brendon is currently working on my solo album and just did the backing vocals on pop idols winner Elvis Blue's Album.