Afro Vibe  

No. of Members 2 to 6 piece band
Location: Johannesburg
Phiwe Solomon Victor Mbotho
Currently, 3 members of the band are playing at The Intercontinental Sandton Towers in Johannesburg where they have been for the past 3 years. The Band is suitable for cocktail and listening music; they play jazz and also dance music for bigger functions. They are experienced, professional and serious musicians (two members of the band, the pianist Victor Mbotho and bass player Phiwe Solomon are music lecturers) and have played overseas, Phiwe in Peru, South America and Victor in London, UK. The band consists of: Duo:Piano/Keyboards & Double Bass or Bass Guitar - Trio:Keys/Bass/Guitar or Sax - 4 piece:Keys/Bass/Guitar or Sax/Drums or Female Vocaliste - 5 piece:Keys/Bass/Guitar or Sax/Drums & Female Vocaliste. They often augment the Band up to a 6 / 7 / 8 piece, by adding an extra saxophone, trumpet, trombone and a vocaliste or percussionist whatever is required for a particular function.