Johnny Cooper Big Band  

No. of Members 19
Location: Johannesburg
Johhny Cooper
The band - 19people on stage; band leader, Jonny Cooper, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxes, rhythm section, male and female vocalist. The band also allow for a driver and a sound engineer. An arranger is available for corporate theme songs etc. at an additional charge. International Big Band magazine describes this band as ‘one of the best bands in the world today’ as a result of its unique character set by the Band Leader, the type of charts performed, and the mix of musicians. They are professional and have a bond and enjoyment both on and off stage. Management and audiences really appreciate the presentation of WELL rehearsed musicians. The Glen Miller Estate offered the Jonny Cooper Band the title of the official ‘Glen Miller Orchestra SA, a great honour and acknowledgement for their talent.