The Newz Band  

No. of Members 3
Location: Cape Town
Paul Esmeralda Alex
The Newz Band have played in Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Canary Islands, Bom Bom Island in West Africa and also played throughout South Africa. They are seasoned, professional & fresh on the night! The Newz Band consists of Paul on guitars and vocals, frontman with a nasty sense of humour. Esmeralda, drummer and lead vocals, is a sassy Spaniard with a powerful voice, the likes of Anastacia, Tina Turner and Amy Winehouse. Alex plays electric and double bass, coaxing slaps, pops and mellow sounds out of these two instruments. Does some dangerous harmonies too. They have a very visual act and like to give their show a Cape Town feel - lots of action on stage, changing instruments, also good lighting. Thoroughly entertaining, and a great big ol' sound!