Tokoyo Groove  

No. of Members 4 / 7 / 12 piece
Location: Johannesburg
Having already featured on a number of different artist albums, including Gloria Bosman, Dawnay and of course, DENIM's hugely successful "in the making" album, he has finally decided to start performing on his own. Whilst Tokoyo Groove still makes sure that they appeal to a wide audience by playing everything from Hope Joanna to My Girl, they have definitely taken a different direction. Their personal influences have always been rock and reggae, and they are now incorporating this style of music much more into their performances. So throw in some Nickelback, Nirvana and Bob Marley and you have a unique new act. Tokoyo Groove's incredible stage presence is dynamic and their vocal ability has reached new heights, amazing audiences by switching from reggae to American rock the way one would change a cd. Tokoyo Groove currently performs as a 4 piece band (this can be augmented up to a 12 piece band). The music is cross-cultural, spans over decades and yet is perfect for both corporates and clubs alike.