Carlos Hartwell  

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Location: Johannesburg
Carlos Hartwell
He started Classical music lessons at the age of 6 and in later years started his musical career off by performing for various social functions at school (school plays & matric farewells). At age 19 Carlos completed compulsory military training, he auditioned and was accepted into the SADF Entertainment Unit. This was Carlos’ first experience working with a band; Jazz, Pop, Contemporary & Light Music became the order of the day, performing with a small military band for various military functions. Simultaneously he commenced with private classes in jazz with Ralph Baleson, a well known Jazz pianist of the time. In 1976 after completing Military Training, Carlos started a 3-piece Band performing at weddings and other social events. In 1977 Carlos stared performing Solo in Hotels, Restaurants and also with bands over weekends. He simultaneously studied to pursue a career in Inorganic Chemistry. In 2003 Carlos performed at Sun City, The Palace of the Lost City. He performed during the week for seven hours a day at different venues and also performed twice a week at the Cabanas as a one man Band with vocals and keyboard. In 2004 Carlos returned to Johannesburg to perform at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, and Caesars Casino at Marc Antony’s and also doing performances twice a week at Sun City Cabanas commuting weekly. Carlos has performed at various top Hotels, restaurants & functions. In 2005 Carlos started performing at Carnival City’s Club Hotel where he is still currently performing. He also completed his contract with Sun City Cabanas in April 2005 as his performances overlapped. A large part of Carlos’ performances are corporate, weddings and single performances from Agents, at pubs, restaurants and private parties. Carlos' repertoire ranges from Light Classical, Light Jazz, Fusion, Lounge, Contemporary, Latin American, Cabaret works, Band Work, Pop 50’s to 80’s