Umkhonto Group  

No. of Members Various
Location: Johannesburg
This is a South African musical celebration show that reveals the modern lifestyle and the background of the diversity of indigenous people who migrated away from the rural areas to different townships in the urban areas. In South Africa the are about eleven official languages and the are about 9 indigenous languages which is Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa, Tswana, Pedi, Tsonga, Venda, Ndebele and Swati. In this show the beauty, the uniqueness and the pride of our indigenous diversity of cultures is revealed through music and dance. Also there is a narrator who gives a short background of each indigenous nation. This is one unique, different and the highly regarded production in South Africa because it accommodates and touches all different indigenous South Africans. This is an international must be seen production that has performed internationally in Portugal 2003, Spain, Cuba, Jamaica, Mozambique Maputo 2004, Zambia Lusaka, Rwanda Kigali, China Beijing 2006.