Michael Abrahamson  

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Location: Johannesburg
Michael Abrahamson
Michael has been a magician since he was very young, later becoming a member of AIM (Art In Magic). In the late 90’s, he was exposed to 'mentalism' (magic of the mind) and that challenge stirred his curiosity. After intensive study in the field, Michael put together his own mentalism show, which he has performed across the country. He incorporates all the elements of mentalism i.e. mind reading, memory feats, mathematical ability, body language, NLP and psychology, and the repeat bookings say it all for the popularity of his shows. His feats are “unfathomable”… In the real world, Michael lectures in statistics and he was on the staff of Wits University for 3 years, during which time he won the Convocation Best Lecturer Award in the Science Faculty, after being nominated by his students. He has a BSc. Honours degree in Statistics and Actuarial Science from Wits, as well as various Actuarial Diplomas from the Institute of Actuaries in London. He has also started work on a Masters degree in Statistics.