Arnold Geerdts  

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Location: Johannesburg
Arnold Geerdts
Arnold is a product of the Hoer Seunskool Hugenote in Springs…and that’s also where he made his debut in journalism – although he did deliver the Springs Advertiser as a schoolboy before writing for the paper as a sports journalist. Arnold has been broadcasting since 1984 when he worked for Radio 5 and Springbok Radio. His television debut came a year later when he first appeared as the television news anchor during the News at Eight. He has been on telly ever since, anchoring three Comrades Marathons – a true marathon eleven hour live broadcast where the front man is required to link live on- camera, commentate and co-ordinate all the on-air information!. He has hosted both the English and Afrikaans versions of Treasure Hunt, three Ithuba million rand giveaways and the introduction of VAT in South Africa, which required the recording and editing of 800 interviews in 9 days. Arnold is one of M-Net SuperSport’s stable of presenters, who by the way, have no scripts and need to rely on their ad-libbing skills.