JP Landman  

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Location: Cape Town
JP Landman
S.A.’s Leading Trends and Futures Analyst JP Landman currently addresses business and community audiences, both in SA and internationally, with 4 different presentations: “President Mbeki’s Road Map: where is he heading and will he ever get there?”; “Ten Years, Ten Trends”; “The future and you - trend breaks changing the face of SA”; “Afro-pessimism - how does SA compare?” and “Become free or die poor !” Widely regarded as South Africa’s leading future trends analyst, JP spends his time doing ongoing research into macro trends affecting SA society. His focus is politics and economics, and the future implications of current developments. Over the past decade he has built a track record for accuracy in forecasting Government’s economic and social policies. He writes a monthly column for four newspapers and co-authored the book “South Africa, how are you?” – a best-seller in SA. He is also a popular speaker who has addressed diverse audiences, enjoying consistently good ratings. He holds BA and LL.B. degrees from the University of Stellenbosch; has studied Economics and Development Economics at Unisa; completed the Program on Macro-Economic Policy in Developing Societies at Harvard University; and in 2003 obtained an M.Phil in Future Studies at Stellenbosch University, cum laude. He is a consultant to BoE Private Clients and GuinnessUDV.