No. of Members 3
Location: Johannesburg
Jacqui Mariechan Liesl
Their name suggests a strong bond, as it is taken from the first two letters of each of their names: Jacqui, Mariechan and Liesl. The trio that is Jamali is currently unleashing a proudly South African R&B sound that is taking them straight to the top of both radio and sales charts! After their debut album went gold, there has been no stopping these three talented ladies. Mixing up Zulu lyrics with English has turned several of the tracks from Jamaliís two albums into sure-fire radio hits Ė and the groupís ability to deliver lyrics and perform in a way that is startlingly good is likely to earn Jamali attention outside South Africaís borders as well. Itís all about great music, beautiful voices, pin-up looks and performing abilities that already put this group at the top of its game.