Black Velvet Band  

No. of Members 4-5
Location: Johannesburg
Paul Nissen, Maurice Fresco, Dennis Makutu, Mertyl Makutu
What makes a good band GREAT? And, What makes this band so sought after in the public arena? Things like PROFESSIONALISM, MOTIVATION, VERSATILITY & VARIETY in the mix & unforgettable voices mixed with a well-balanced sound, plus state of the art equipment. BLACK VELVET has been doing this for the past 10 years for corporate and private functions, at casino’s & top Hotels all over the country. They have entertained at more than 300 successful functions. The band plays anything from sophisticated Background to Rhythm & Blues, Hip Hop, Straight Dance Music, Soul to Modern contemporary, and genuine Rock ‘n Roll late into the night. Music delivered with a passion & energy to match their repertoire of hits ranging from the 60’s to some of the more modern classics. The band has a live sound generated through great guitar licks from Paul and the marvellous voices of Dennis & Myrtle and unplugged sound of Maurice’s drums who will get you on the dance floor grooving & singing along, personality in abundance, with the help of our cordless microphones, Paul attracts the attention & interacts with the crowd, old or young. The Band has recently performed for Eskom and SAB Dinner Dance Awards evening.