No. of Members 2
Location: Johannesburg
Corneille Christiaan
Corneille and Christiaan, with their two guitars are the main ingredients of CH2, a guitar ensemble that is generating more and more interest with their virtuoso classical guitar performances and pulsating rhythms – from Spanish fire to African beat & Latin favourites. Although both trained by the well-known Maestro Charl Lamprecht , Corneille and Christiaan only met a few months before their 1st CD, CH2, was released. They realized that as a duo they could create musical fireworks which would elicit spontaneous applause from young and old alike. Corneille started with guitar lessons, at the age of 7, with the famous Belgian guitarist Yvon Syx. When Yvon returned to Belgium, he passed Corneille’s tutorage over to his former student, Charl Lamprecht. Corneille received numerous awards, including international acclaim as a classical guitarist. He also studied the clarinet under the late Ferdi Fischli, chief clarinetist in the former Transvaal Performing Arts symphony orchestra. Christiaan originally studied classical guitar under Mario Coppers before becoming a student of Charl Lamprecht. Christiaan was also a member of the F# choir and regularly performed with friends in productions like “Antjie Somers”. He previously studied computer science and was very productive for two years in the computer industry.