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Tony Hopkins
The guests (preferably dressed in costume) to be welcomed in the foyer with a glass of sherry or port. They are then escorted to their seats by the waiters (known as Wenches and Lackeys) who will seat them, then tie a bib or serviette around their necks. On the table there must be goblets or mugs about half full of mead. This is an old traditional drink made of honey and some sort of spirit like vodka, cane or gin mixed with soda water. As long as it is yellow or amber in colour and has a bit of a kick to it. This is very important as it plays a big roll in the events. The waiters must tell the guests not to drink it yet, that comes later when we propose the toasts. There must also be finger bowls with a slice of lemon, one per two guests already on the table. Head table must remain vacant at this stage as the King and Queen have not yet been nominated.