Adri Naude  

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Location: Johannesburg
Adri Naude
Adri started her career at the early age of seven and moved on to perform in various top youth orchestras as well as high profile shows and competitions whilst making time for her studies at school. With her extensive experience from a very early age, she was honored with the opportunity to become co-concertmaster of the National Youth Orchestra, and went on a national tour to Scotland including major cities such as Aberdeen (for the International Youth Arts Festival) and Glasgow. Adri later established herself as a permanent member of the National Symphony Orchestra in 1994, touring both locally and internationally, including interesting places such as Egypt. Adri is a top performer both as a soloist and as part of any professional unit. She has performed on Mango Groove’s first album and live with Claire Johnston. She has also performed live with the famous Bono of U2 at President Mandela’s 85th birthday in 2003. Other highlights of her professional career include performing with Pavarotti, both in 1996, and his farewell concert in 2005, and also with the famous 3 tenors: Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras at the Union Buildings in 1999, which was transmitted live via satelite worldwide.