No. of Members 5
Location: Johannesburg
Bill Donaldson Dennis Doel Dennis Fajans Moose Forer Nikki Lee
In late 2003 the drummer, Bill Donaldson saw a gap in the Johannesburg live music Market that could be filled by a combination of rock classics and current pop favorites performed by a full five piece live band as apposed to two or three piece outfits relying on computer generated backing tracks for most of the accompaniment. Billís vision included having a female frontline vocalist to add diversity and character to the band. Bill had worked with guitarist, Dennis Doel and bassist Trevor Muller in numerous other projects in the past and decided to recruit their talents to form the foundation of Tantalus. Trevor had seen vocalist Nikki Lee (a recent Cape Town import) performing at various music evenings in Johannesburg, Trevor approached her to join their new endeavor and Nikki Lee jumped at the opportunity. The band needed a keyboard player to add dimension to Tantalusí sound and Bill introduced Dennis Fajans into the line up. Late into 2004 due to other commitments, Trevor left the band and the powerhouse bassist, Moose Forer took his place and completed the final line up.