Sean Wisedale  

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Location: Durban
Sean Wisedale
On May 30, 2003, Sean Wisedale made a life-altering decision, after his SA team-mates had already headed down the mountain; that decision took him to the highest point on our planet – the summit of Mt. Everest. His corporate presentation shows audiences what makes this “ordinary individual” stand head-and-shoulders above the rest – and why it is totally possible for you, too, to reach the summit of your own Everest. Further, a feature which is UNIQUE to Sean’s presentation, is the incredible, world-class footage which he took on the mountain. If that wasn’t enough, Sean is the only African, and one only +-80 individuals in history, to have achieved the ultimate in global climbing circles, “The 7 Summits”, i.e reaching the highest point on each of the 7 continents, including Antarctica. Since 1992, film-making has seen Sean working on M-Net’s “Carte Blanche”, the Discovery and National Geographic networks and the production of many of his own adventure-related documentaries. But his fascination with mountaineering was born when he accompanied Derek Watts and Cathy O’Dowd to Mount Everest, The documentary of that ascent “The Mountain of the Midnight Sun” was an award winner … and the rest, as they say, is history.