No. of Members 6
Location: Cape Town
Marshall Hartogh Donovan Dean Dyers Marco Mentoor Francois Daniels Alana Joy Elton Collins
Marshall Hartogh- Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals & Band Leader Growing up in a family of musicians it was evident that music would become his way of life. Graduating from the University of Cape Town College of Music proved his natural ability in picking up almost any instrument and playing it with ease. Donovan Dean Dyers-Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums He grew up with strong Gospel influences. He was quick to make his mark and at the age of 14, was already working with well-known local bands. Marco Mentoor-Piano and Vocals At the age of ten Marco was kind of forced to learn Piano to accompany a choir at a small church headed by his pastor uncle. Francois Daniel-Vocaliste Francois grew up as with many others in a musical family and by the age of eight started singing in churches. Alana Joy-Vocaliste, Choreographer Like most musicians Alana grew musically in church, but unlike all of them, she did not play secular music. She formed a Gospel that did not play any secular music. Elton Collins-Keyboard player, Synthesist He started learning the piano at the tender age of four. Coming from a musical family and having no professional opera singer for a mom made things easier.