Who Stole The Orchestra  

No. of Members 4
Location: Johannesburg
Rory Rootenberg Charl Van Heynigen Bondina Oesterhoff Karen Meiring
Directed by Ian von Memerty (Handful of Keys, Femme Fatale and Cadenza) this is a new, light hearted and entertaining look at some of the songs that have thrilled generations of music lovers - from the vital energy of Rossini, to the lush melodies of Rodgers and Hammerstein, from splendid Baroque constructions to the simple sincerity of Boere classics this show will leave you humming songs you hummed before, but you will hum them with a whole new sense of enjoyment after hearing these beautiful voices reinterpret them, in such a stunningly effective way, that you might ask yourself - Who Cares Who Stole the Orchestra?