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Location: Johannesburg
Trevor Duffy
Trevor Duffy is a professional magician and innovator of magic, who has performed in the United States, England, Australia, and parts of Africa and now resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has received Gold medal awards in South African National championships. In 2002, he won a Gold medal in the category of invention, for his and Denton Cooley's card trick, Minds in Focus and later in the year, placed 2nd in the Australian I.B.M Close-up competition. He has performed for such companies as ICL, Eli Lilly, Honda, Johnson & Johnson, Flowtite, Phillips, CGS, First Graphics, Castrol Commercial, Eukanuba, Venn Diagnositcs and Asiakon. Corporate Magic Adult Performances The use of an illusionist at corporate functions, exhibitions and home parties is becoming increasingly popular. In this competitive world, magic is a wonderful way to add an extra touch of attraction to your function. Magic can be used as a tool to promote the name of your product, company or celebration, thereby making it more memorable. In many cases, magic tricks can be personalised so that your product becomes the focal point. People love to be entertained and Trevor has the experience to interweave his style of magic with what you would like the guests to remember! - be it your product or simply the memory of an important evening. Close-up Magic A most fascinating form of entertainment, performed at the guest's tables or wherever they may be standing. Guests are enthralled when the magic happens right under their noses or even in their own hands! Highly recommended for upmarket, personalised entertainment. There are many different occasions where Close up Magic can be used. Add sparkle to your cocktail party, banquet, corporate promotion, dinner function or celebration. Exhibitions and Trade Shows Trevor has been used extensively to work at Exhibitions, performing amazing and very visible magic as a draw card. Attendees are fascinated and automatically drawn to the stand. He will tactfully interweave your product or company name with his performance, thereby using magic as a vehicle to promote your product, making your stand the most interesting out there! After a short interaction with the guests, the company sales people are then able to discuss the product in more depth. Platform Shows People want to have fun and what better as an ice-breaker or after dinner to get away from the mad rush of life, into the world of intrigue, mystery and down right fun! Length of performance can be prepared according to your needs and we guarantee a very professional, entertaining show. Product Launches / Special Promotions & Seminars We created the PROFESSOR character for the launch of a new product. This was a dynamic stage show in which he concocted the new product and finally, produced a gigantic banner displaying the product name and logo. We are also able to present a very original ice-breaker show, which is a slick 'out-of-the-hands' magic presentation and a final routine where your product, company name or theme of the day is tactfully brought into focus and highlighted. Please call to discuss this further - very highly recommended! Conferences Corporate Events Trevor Duffy has a dynamic 20-30 minute magic and motivational presentation. Start the event this way and we guarantee to have the delegates sitting up in their chairs and asking questions afterwards! This slick, 'out-of-the-hands' magic presentation can be an ice-breaker or a boost during the event, finally reaching its grand finale with a surprising connection between Trevor's show and your product or the theme of the day!