Colin Sumner aka Elton John  

No. of Members 1
Location: Johannesburg
Colin Sumner
In 1977 he joined Altitude, a 5 piece cabaret / dance band which played all over the U.K, Scotland, South Wales, the North East, Cumbria, Yorkshire and the Midlands as well as Germany, Norway and Portugal. In 1988 he formed ‘The Rock & Roll Madhouse’ along with Danny Fisher (50’s & 60’s tribute band). They toured S.A, made two albums and appeared on a number of TV shows. He later formed ‘Cheers Comedy Showband’. They held down a residency in Durban for 4 years at ‘Your Father’s Moustache’. In 1996 he appeared in the show ‘Take This’ at the Carousel Casino. He went on to become the musical director and appear in the following shows ‘Blitz’, ‘Inferno’, ‘Souled Out’and ‘Magical Moments’. Colin has been involved in the following Productions: From The Cavern- the most well known gig that the Beatles ever played. Hoe Down-included in this all star tribute are legends Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, Willie Nelson & Patsy Cline alongside newer country stars like Garth Brooks, The Mavericks, Alan Jackson & Billy ray Cyrus as well as more recent artists Lee-Ann Rimes & Shania Twain. Lucy & The Limelites-because of their versatility and ability to adapt to any of the current trends and styles at the time, they became the most requested supporting act to the many superstars that have toured the world the world over the last 30years. Millenium-a vast choice of music such as 50’s Sinatra (Rock n Roll), 60’s British Invasion (Mersey Sound), Flower Power, 70’s Glam Rock (The Disco Era), 80’s New Wave (Electronic Pop), 90’s Rave, Divas, Boy & Girl Groups. Souled Out-a non-stop extravaganza featuring all legends of soul. Starting in the late 50’s (Do-Wop), 60’s (Motown), 70’s (Sound Of Philadelphia) up to date with R&B bands like Boys 2 Men & all 4 One.