Charlotte Blignaut  

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Location: Johannesburg
Charlotte Blignaut
Charlotte started dancing since 1990. She got her training through the Belly Dancing Association of South Africa. She has various videos from the Middle East and private tutoring and workshops from Belyssa, leader of the Flames of Araby Belly Dance Troupe in Australia. Her performance includes the use of finger cymbals (sagat), candles, small fire sticks and veils. The music she uses is primarily from Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt. Charlotte also dance impromptu, to any music a client may choose to play. She performs only for mixed audiences, male and female, and will not perform in Bars or at venues where topless waiters or strippers perform. She maintains a professional and upmarket performance, where everyone enjoys and appreciates the performance of this art and ensures that the audience have the opportunity to take part and enjoy themselves. Charlotte is available for private belly dancing lessons if requested, and ensure that professionalism always prevail.