Bob Mabena  

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Location: Johannesburg
Bob Mabena
The phrase a star is born has been so overused that even in the true sense of it, where it truly applies, the nuances of what it really means evaporate. In the case of Bob Mabena a star was born 13 years ago when at the age of 19, he joined Radio Bop in what was then called Bophuthatswana. During his stay at Radio Bop, Mabena started his television career at Bop TV, hosting a music television show called "On the beat". On those two mediums Bob's performance was characterized by charm, charisma, professionalism and some magazines and newspapers even called him a sex symbol. IN 1993, Metro FM, the national urban radio station, to beef up its line-up and entertain on the afternoon drive show, poached Mabena. The next year would see him go on national TV to present two game shows: "Surf pick a box" and "The Kentucky car giveaway show". In 1994 Bob was moved to the morning drive show and a popular TV video request show called "Pick a tune". That was a significant move because his radio audience could relate with him on both his shows.