Joe Parker  

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Location: Johannesburg
Joe Parker
In a thirty-year career, South African-born comic Joe Parker has won a reputation for being earthy, provocative and innovative. Despite his cheeky defiance of all things politically correct, Joe is one of few comics to have had an episode of Dali Tambo’s hit talk show People Of The South devoted to him. His style of delivery is direct and to the point – best described as adult and sometimes risqué, but never crude. Although ever-anal press critics may have difficulty with some of his material, the public adores him. A fine musician to boot, he isn’t shy to pull out his guitar and treat his audience to a few rib-tickling songs. Since the start of his career in 1971, Joe has built up a large following among South African comedy fans. There is not a town in the country that has not enjoyed his unique talent, and his appearance at the Sun City Superbowl for Laugh Aid in 1986 stole the show. He has toured extensively since his first theatre venture in 1988, and has produced an impressive list of successful shows, including The Comedians '95 – a showcase of SA's top comedy talent, which toured the country in December/January 1995/1996 and played to packed houses.