Jacques Lagesse  

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Location: Johannesburg
Jacques Lagesse
Solo entertainer with a velvet-lined voice, accompanied by the acoustic and jazz guitars. Apart from the soft percussive rhythm machine, all music is played entirely live - no pre-programming of any synthesizers or pre-recorded backing tapes. Jacques needs a minimal set-up space. He has state of the art equipment and PA system, but can perform without any power source (unplugged). His repertoire consists mainly of laid-back Jazz standards and evergreen romantic ballads. A soothing unobtrusive ambience is guaranteed. Great for quiet background music and entertainment. His Mauritian blood brings a strong flair for Latin rhythms - Bossa Nova and Samba. He also performs a cabaret set featuring music from the Big Band Swing era, which is done to backing tracks. Jacques can performs with his trio (Keyboards / Bass / Saxophonist) and if required he adds a (drummer / percussionist).